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    Roster Submittals

    ICSHL Official Rosters are due a week before your teams' first games; Girls can be submitted before Varsity+JV, but Varsity+JV must be submitted on the JV time line because of the requirement to identify Varsity Locks as part of the rostering.

    Rosters are not approved until posted to the web site.



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    Scoresheet Instructions

    Head Coaches are responsible for filling out the game score sheet and signing it at the end of the game. Below are instructions and a sample score sheet showing the required entries on the official score sheet. The Scorekeeper is responsible for ensuring that the game score sheet is properly completed.

    Scoresheets must use labels on each color copy (master provided below), with players in numerical order on the label.


    Season Passes

    2018-2019 Season Passes are on sale until October 31st at the discounted price of $50.00. They provide access to all ICSHL varsity regular season and league playoff games. Please use the order form below: 

    Emergency JV Goaltender Pool

    Coaches are solicited to provide JV goaltenders to play for other JV teams on an emergency basis. See the JV Goaltender Pool procedures below. Contact Commissioner Al Danish or VP Carl Wood to add JV goalies to the pool.

    Season Schedules

    Varsity, Girls, and JV Schedules have been uploaded to the web site and are now "official". 

    The Team Calendars will remain on the web site until the season starts, but will not be maintained after that--the Game Schedules on the web site are the official schedule going forward,

    ICSHL League Meeting

    Tuesday January 22, 2019

    7:00 PM at IceLine